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Our worship service focuses on proclaiming the Word of God. Our music is a mix of traditional and contemporary hymns. Please see below for our in-person attendance guidelines.

Worship Service | Sundays, 10:30am
Sunday School | Sundays, 9:00am

202 W Illinois St
Urbana, IL 61801

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In-Person Attendance Guidelines
8/26/21 Update:

Dear All Souls Family,

We give thanks to God for the overall unity of our congregation over the past year. God has been at work, enabling us to listen, love, and follow Jesus. We do not do that perfectly, to be sure, as no congregation does. But we give thanks for you all and the ways we have pulled together during a difficult time. And we pray that God would continue to knit us together as a community as we pursue Jesus alongside one another.

Of course, this “time” is not over (and in one sense, it will not be until Christ’s return). In light of rising hospitalizations, rising infection rates in our area, rising death rates in our region, and especially rising infection rates among children, we strongly recommend that everyone wear a mask in our church building. Our goal here, as it has been since the beginning, is to do what we believe to be in the best interest of our congregation. We realize our judgments are fallible, and that some will disagree with this move. But it seems to be in the best interests of the physical health of our congregation, and especially in the best interest of children and others who are most vulnerable at this time. And so, for the sake of love for those around you, we strongly encourage everyone to wear a mask in our building. This will enable some in our community to feel that they can return to gathered, public worship, for the first time in months because of their higher risk during this difficult time. At the same time, for the sake of community and drawing near to Jesus, we strongly encourage everyone to gather publicly, if at all possible. We realize we are asking some people to move out of their comfort zone, emotionally and physically for the sake of the body. But, we believe, as we seek to do what we can to gather safely, we will be able to encourage one another to persevere through this prolonged trial.

This is not forever. We are seeking to be wise in the way we respond to trends in infection and hospitalization rates. For more information on our thinking, please see the attached documents [listed below] which include, among other things, previous correspondence during this COVID season.

Pastor Luke, Brian Aldridge, Todd Doehring, Scott Morrison, and David Thies

A Rubric for Decision Making
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The Church’s Authority & Mask Mandates
Martin Luther: Whether One May Flee from a Deadly Plague
Previous All Souls Correspondance

Additional information:

• The narthex area at the back of the sanctuary will be set aside as a ‘mask-only’ zone in which individuals with a heightened concern of viral transmission for themselves or their family members can reside before, during and after the worship service.

• The air hygiene and quality in this designated space and adjoining rooms, will be optimized by maximizing the flow and circulation of filtered air using multiple fans and a huge HEPA-filtered air purifier.

• The downstairs bathroom area will continue to be included as part of the mask-only designated area.

• The online streaming of the morning service will continue to be available.

Bulletins are available online. There will also be a limited number of printed bulletins available.

• When communion is served, the elders, wearing masks and gloves, will distribute the communion elements by walking between the separated rows.

• Offering can be made online or at the offering plate in the back of the sanctuary.

• If weather permits, please make every effort to do most of your visiting outside, preferably in the west-end parking lot where there is less traffic, if you plan to visit for a while. And we encourage you to stay and visit! We have missed you!

Please park in the Lincoln Square parking lot and enter through the east door. If you need a ramped entrance, please feel free to use our west-side parking lot and come in through the west end door.

Kids in Worship
Nursery is available for children ages 0–4. Nursery time will begin during the hymn before the sermon, at which point parents can bring their children to the nursery area which will be staffed with background-checked volunteers. Parents will pick up their children at the conclusion of the service.