Visitor Info
Worship Student Info

Interested in visiting? We would love to welcome you at All Souls! Here is some information to help you know what to expect.

When and where do you meet?
Our worship service is at 10:30 am every Sunday. Children's Sunday School and Adult Sunday School start at 9:00. We meet at the University YMCA. See our worship page for directions, parking information, and other details.

What should I wear?
Wear whatever you are comfortable wearing. There is no dress code at All Souls; jeans, khakis, slacks, skirts, and dresses are all common and appropriate.

What should I bring?
You don't need to bring anything. If you own a Bible, you may wish to bring it, but we also have Bibles available for your use. Hymnals and bulletins with the service order are also provided each week.

Can I remain anonymous?
Yes, sort of. It is possible you will be noticed and greeted by regular attenders, but we don't draw attention to or single out visitors during the service.

What can I expect at your worship service?
Our worship service includes worship songs (mostly hymns in both traditional and contemporary styles), prayer, corporate confession of sin, Bible readings, a sermon on a specific Bible passage, and an offering. Church attenders are encouraged to participate by singing, praying silently, and reading out loud with the group, but are never called on or singled out individually. You can view our weekly bulletin to get a more complete idea of the content of our service.

What can my children do during the service?
Children’s nursery is available for children ages 0-4. Please feel welcome to bring your little ones to play and learn about Jesus while you enjoy the main worship service.

Kids of all ages are welcome to join us in our weekly service. Kids learn to participate by watching their parents and others around them sing and read and listen. In this way kids learn to own Christian faith and practice from a young age. Yet we know that all kids are in different places. Some will be able to sing along and read along with us. Others will be able to sit quietly, listen, and watch. Some will wiggle in their seats the entire time. We’re okay with that. Kids make noise, and we’re okay with that, too. (In fact, it normally makes our pastor smile when he hears babies cry during the service.) For some parents, it will seem like a battle week after week. We understand that. We know this is a big commitment for parents–and not necessarily an easy one–so we want to help in any way we can. For some kids, it is helpful to have some paper and crayons to color as they listen, and we have small bags available for use during the service with paper, crayons, and stickers to help keep restless little ones busy. We also have children’s Bibles available for use during the service on the back table.

Anything else?
If you have any other questions, please contact us and we would be happy to answer!