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Sermon Series
Easter 2023
April 2023
Pastor Luke Herche

April 9, 2023
The Resurrected King Proclaimed
Matthew 28 • Pastor Luke Herche — Download

Christ is risen from the dead. But what does that mean? Why is it important? What difference does it make? Listen as Pastor Luke Herche answers these questions in an Easter Sunday sermon on Matthew 28, showing us that:
1) Christ has been exalted as the King of heaven & earth.
2) Christ’s exaltation vindicates God’s power in weakness.
3) Christ’s exaltation demonstrates the powerlessness of the powers of this age.
4) Therefore repent, take up your cross, and follow Jesus.


April 7, 2023
The King of Irony
Matthew 27:27–56 • Pastor Luke Herche — Download

Why was Jesus crucified? What was happening at the cross? Was it the noble death of a martyr? Or the tragic end of a wasted life? The events of the crucifixion seem to portray the defeat of an apparently weak, helpless, and insignificant man. Jesus is mocked, shamed, crucified, abandoned, and dies. But to understand what is really happening, we have to see in all of that the victory of King Jesus. Listen as Pastor Luke Herche explains in this Good Friday message, showing us the reality of King Jesus, the method of King Jesus, the victory of King Jesus, and the accomplishment of King Jesus.


April 2, 2023
The King of Peace Who Comes To Conquer
Matthew 21:1–17 • Pastor Luke Herche — Download

In this Palm Sunday sermon, Pastor Luke Herche preaches from Matthew 21, highlighting the fact of Jesus’ kingship, the manner of Jesus’ kingship, the goal of Jesus’ kingship, the revelation of Jesus’ kingship, and the end of Jesus’ kingship.



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