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May 19, 2024
Introduction to 1 Peter
1 Peter 1:1–2 • Pastor Josué Pernillo

Pastor Josué Pernillo introduces us to our new study on 1 Peter, focusing... on 1 Peter 1:1–2 and covering four main points:

• Who are we? God’s people.
• How are we the people of God? By the power of God.
• Where are we? In the world and not of it.
• What is our strength? The people of God are blessed.

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May 12, 2024
Keep Alert—Prayer Is War
Ephesians 6:18–20 • Pastor Luke Herche

Pastor Luke Herche preaches on Ephesians 6:18–20, teaching that... we fight through prayer, in the Spirit, for the progress of the gospel.

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May 12, 2024
Set Your Hope
Revelation 21:1–8 • Pastor Luke Herche

Listen as Pastor Luke Herche preaches on Revelation 21:1–8, discussing hope:...

• When do we need it? Our present distress & unbelief.
• What does it look like? The beauty of what is to come.
• Why is it sure? The certainty of what is to come.
• How do we get there? Setting your hope on what is to come.

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May 5, 2024
Content in Christ
Philippians 4:10–20 • Pastor Josué Pernillo

The Apostle Paul ends his letter to the Philippians by sharing the secret of contentment: to be dependent... on Christ regardless of the circumstances. His focus was on Christ, and through this passage we learn what it means to see Christ clearly in all of life’s situations. Listen as Pastor Josué Pernillo concludes his series on Philippians with this sermon on Philippians 4:10–20, showing what contentment is, what it means to be content in want, what it means to be content in plenty, and that ultimately, whether in plenty or in want, we can be content in Christ who strengthens us.

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April 28, 2024
Tale of a Covenant Child
Genesis 36:1–37:1 • Pastor Luke Herche

If you grew up in a church—if your parents are believers, members of a church, disciples of Jesus—what does that mean for... you? It doesn’t mean that you don’t have to own Christianity for yourself. You, too, need to repent and believe, to turn your life over to Jesus, to take up your cross and follow him. Esau was a covenant child, and while his story could be considered tragic, we ultimately find God’s covenant faithfulness there. Listen as Pastor Luke Herche preaches on Genesis 36:1–37:1, taking us through the genealogy of Esau and showing us God’s covenant blessings, God’s severe judgement, and God’s wide-open mercy.

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April 21, 2024
Relationship Renewal
Genesis 35 • Pastor Luke Herche

Where do you need renewal to happen in your life right now? Where are you weary, tired, numb? Where are your relationships... stale or taken for granted? How is your relationship with God, your Father in Heaven? Is it growing, exciting, and thriving? Or does it feel static?

In Genesis 35, Jacob’s story proper comes to an end and we see that it’s a sort of climax of Jacob’s life, a renewal. As we look at Jacob’s return to Bethel at this high point in his life, we see that God calls us, even as he called Jacob, to be renewed in our relationship to him. God calls us to recommit ourselves to him even as he assures us of his commitment to us. Listen as Pastor Luke Herche preaches on this passage, showing the need for renewal, the pursuit of renewal, the context for renewal, and the future of renewal.

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April 14, 2024
Helmet & Sword: Confidence for the Fight
Ephesians 6:17 • Pastor Luke Herche

Where does confidence come from? So many of us live with doubts, fears, and hesitations, constantly second... guessing and unsure of the next best move. The devil wants us to live in this state of doubt, discouragement, and despair...but that clearly isn't where God wants us to live, as Scripture frequently reminds us. But where does courage and boldness come from? What stops us from running away when the battle rages most fiercely? And how do we stand in the evil day—the day of tragedy or temptation—with confidence? Listen as Pastor Luke Herche expounds on the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit from Ephesians 6:17, explaining what they are, how to take them up, and why they are so important.

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April 14, 2024
The Gospel Community
Philippians 4:4–9 • Pastor Josué Pernillo

There was once a young man who was persecuting the church. He was so efficient at it that he was sent... to another city, and on the way Jesus appeared to him, saying, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?” When Saul was persecuting the church, Jesus took it personally: “Why are you persecuting me.” Jesus loves his people.

After his encounter with Jesus, this same young man, Saul, went on to become a leader in the church, the apostle Paul. Paul loved the church. Paul loved God’s people, with the affections of Christ Jesus. In his letter to the Philippians Paul continually expresses his love and concern for the believers at Philippi in the midst of external pressures and internal tensions. Now at end of the letter, we find Paul beginning to summarize the themes of the whole letter, encouraging the believers at Philippi to stand firm in the midst of eternal pressures and to remain united in the midst of internal tensions. But in what context does this happen? Listen as Pastor Josué preaches on on Philippians 4:4–9, showing that the context of all of this is gospel-built community, and describing both the characteristics of community and the practice of the community.

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April 7, 2024
Compromise, Combativeness & the Cross
Genesis 33:12–34:31 • Pastor Luke Herche

How do you respond to the troubles of the present age? Do you stick your head in the sand and hope for... the best? Or do you come out swinging, hoping to win one for your team? We live in a morally complex and confused age. In Genesis 33:12–34:31 Jacob’s daughter Dinah is defiled, and we find Jacob and his sons responding to the horrific situation with compromise and combativeness. But those are not our only options when we find ourselves face-to-face with ugly situations. Listen as Pastor Luke walks us through this passage, drawing some conclusions about the moral complexity and confusion of our age, about the temptations to comprise and combativeness, and about the peace made through Christ and his cross.

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March 31, 2024
What Is Not Possible, Part 2: The Deeper Magic
Acts 2:24 • Pastor Luke Herche

In the children’s book “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” C.S. Lewis writes of the White Witch... who claims her right to execute a traitor according to the laws of the “deep magic” of the land. The witch was correct about the deep magic and its governance of justice. But Narnia’s good king Aslan knew of a deeper magic: “When a willing victim who had committed no treachery was killed in a traitor’s stead, the Stone Table would crack and Death itself would start working backward.”

Though the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe is just a story, the “deep magic” of justice it portrays is real—and the “deeper magic” is no less real. Though God’s justice must be satisfied, when sinless Jesus died in the stead of sinners, it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him. Try as it might, death’s power had met its limits. Listen as Pastor Luke Herche preaches on Acts 2:24, addressing three questions surrounding the resurrection: What is not possible? Why is it not possible? And what difference does it make?

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March 29, 2024
What Is Not Possible, Part 1: The Deep Magic
Matthew 26:39 • Pastor Luke Herche

In C.S. Lewis’ beloved classic, “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe,” we find a boy, Edmund,... trapped under the law of the deep magic of the land. A wrong had been committed, a debt was owed. Edmund was a traitor and his blood must be spilled. If Aslan, king of Narnia, refused, Narnia itself would be overturned. In this Good Friday sermon on Matthew 26:39, Pastor Luke Herche delves into the ironclad justice of God, looking at Jesus’ prayer in Gethsemane with a focus on four words: “if it be possible.” Since God’s answer to this prayer is in the negative, we must ask what is not possible for God? Why is it not possible? And what difference does it make?

Note: The audio quality improves after the first three and a half minutes.

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March 24, 2024
The Smile of God
Genesis 32–33 • Pastor Luke Herche

Some lessons take virtually a lifetime to learn. The Christian life is a life of being gradually... conformed to the image of Jesus in both his character and his work, daily taking up your cross and following him. In Genesis, we see Jacob slowly learning to walk with God over a period of more than 20 years, and in his life we have both a preview of the life of our Savior and a pattern which we, too, are to live out as we follow in the footsteps of Jesus. Listen as Pastor Luke Herche preaches on Genesis 32–33, teaching us to rest in God’s promises, to cling to God in weakness, and to step out to serve, as we have been served, in Jesus.

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March 17, 2024
Living as Exiles; Straining Toward Exodus
Genesis 30:25–31:55 • Pastor Luke Herche

We live in a generally mobile age. People rarely stay in one place for long. Because of that it is hard... for us to understand the value of “place” in Scripture. But in the Scriptures, the promises of God hinge on place. In the beginning, God made a place, a garden in Eden. Because of their rebellion, man and woman were removed from the holy place, and they became exiles, homeless, wanderers. In Genesis 12, God calls Abraham to Canaan and promises to give a new place to him and to his offspring. Yet, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob each leave this promised land for a time, and all three of them experience exile, receive blessing during their exile, and eventually return to the promised land, wealthier than they left it.

Listen as Pastor Luke Herche preaches on Genesis 30:25–31:55, telling of Jacob’s departure from Laban in Haran, and showing us that we are exiles who will experience troubles and hardships on our journey, but Jesus is with us by his Spirit to bless us and he will restore us on the last day.

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March 10, 2024
The Shield of Faith: Get Behind Christ
Ephesians 6:16 • Pastor Luke Herche

Pastor Luke Herche preaches on Ephesians 6:16, showing that the Lord is our Shield, therefore... we can turn to him in all circumstances, knowing he is enough.

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March 10, 2024
Coming to the Close of the Letter
Philippians 4:1–3 • Pastor Josué Pernillo

Pastor Josué Pernillo preaches on Philippians 4:1–3, in which the Apostle Paul... summarizes the major themes of the letter, calling the Philippians to stand firm in the midst of external pressures, to remain united in the midst of internal tensions, and to do this all side by side.

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March 3, 2024
Longing for Wholeness
Genesis 29:31–30:24 • Pastor Luke Herche

Where do you look for wholeness? Living in a world that is under God’s curse, we find that things don’t work... as they were intended. Our present age is broken. We are broken, longing to be made whole again, to no longer sin or be sinned against, to no longer suffer or get sick or old or weary. We long for things to be put right, to be as they were intended from the beginning. But in our longing to be made whole, we so often look to the wrong things, in the wrong places, by the wrong means. In Genesis 29:31–30:24, we find sisters Leah and Rachel following this tragic pattern as they compete with each other in child bearing. Listen as Pastor Luke Herche preaches on this passage, talking about our longing for wholeness: where we look, why it will never work, and where wholeness is found.

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February 25, 2024
Covenant Discipleship
Genesis 29:1–30 • Pastor Luke Herche

The book of Genesis is a discipleship primer. It is the ABCs of the faith. In... Genesis we learn about the power of God in creation and the beginnings of his covenant relationship with his people. Through the accounts of the patriarchs and matriarchs of Israel’s early history, we see what it looks like to walk with God. In this sermon on Genesis 29:1–30, in which Jacob marries Leah and Rachel, Pastor Luke Herche shows that walking with God looks like accepting God’s sovereign care, receiving God’s fatherly discipline, and humbling ourselves to serve, even as we anticipate glory.

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