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Adult Sunday School is currently on break for the summer and will resume in the fall.


The Gospel Story is central to everything we do. It is this story that we look at when we study the Bible. It is the characters, plot, narrative conflict and climax of this story that we are looking at when we study systematic theology. As we study we realize that our stories are just a part, a piece, of this larger story that God is working in the world and that our goal is to live in light of this story. It is this story that we share with others when we speak to them in love with the goal of helping them interpret life in light of Godís story.


The goal of study and learning in the church is to have our minds shaped by the story of Jesus, to draw closer to the Father through His Son, and to be equipped to administer Godís love through Jesus to others as we speak the truth in love. The goal of studying the Bible and theology, practice and ministry is to learn to live in light of the story of the gospel and to help others do the same.


Our Adult Sunday School classes rotate between four categories, with an introduction to each category every four years (one per year). The four categories are:

  • Biblical Foundations
  • Theological Foundations
  • Practical Foundations
  • Side-by-Side Foundations

  • These are a matter of emphasis. We want all of our Sunday School classes to be biblically informed, theological orthodox, and practically oriented as well as historically conscious and, above all, Gospel-centered.


    Our Adult Sunday School consists of five roughly 8-week classes, beginning approximately the last Sunday in August, the last Sunday in October, the second Sunday in January, the second Sunday in March and sometime mid-summer. Plus two 8Ė12 week small groups, beginning early October and early February. Please see this year’s schedule for exact dates.

    Click here for an eight year Adult Sunday School schedule (subject to change).